Optimize your third-party service agreements with robust analytics

Purchased services’ best analytics platform just got better. Introducing the re-imagined and re-engineered Analytics engine that delivers increased visibility into category spend. Conductiv's solutions will allow your supply chain team to manage contracts with ease.

Our new user-friendly interface combines the power of AI-driven categorization with easy reporting for key stakeholders, and integrates seamlessly with our full product line.

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Connect your supply chain with suppliers, contracts, and marketplace intelligence at every point of the sourcing lifecycle.

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Your contracts are unique, but are they competitive?

Reliance on third-party services has surged, and the need for procurement intelligence and spend expertise has increased. Conductiv's third-party optimization solution combines a powerful technology platform, group purchasing organization for service contracts, and strategic sourcing services to allow your supply chain team to manage contracts and improve third-party spend and supplier relationships.

Build better relationships.

Comprehensive lifecycle management fuses your supply chain with suppliers, contracts, and marketplace intelligence at every point of the sourcing lifecycle.

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Manage contracts to achieve proven outcomes:

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$800 Million

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$325 Billion
Analyzed third-party service spend

Agile third-party service improvement

Unlock your supply chain's strategic talent to re-energize your spend management strategies. With category transparency and tighter control over contract negotiations, supply chains can systematically reduce costs and make qualitative improvements to their supplier agreements.

Integrated solutions for supply chain success.

Manage daily tasks, like renewing contracts and building stakeholder consensus, and reach long-term goals, such as hitting savings targets and adhering to on-contract compliance.

Introducing Conductiv Contracts
Accelerate negotiations on service agreements using our group purchasing contract portfolio, saving you time, money, and effort.

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Manage your contracts, create an 18-month roadmap, illuminate savings opportunities, track department performance, and negotiate competitively with ease.

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Conductiv has proven itself to be a valuable tool in our RFP process. The ability to rapidly engage stakeholders, receive responses from bidders, and compare offerings has allowed us to tackle complex events with ease. The support from the team at Conductiv has also proved invaluable in keeping tasks on track and providing straightforward and valuable guidance to the participants on all sides of the RFP discussion.

Shaun Clinton, MS CMRP

Sr. Vice President, Supply Chain Management at Texas Health Resources