The Conductiv Story

Optimizing third-party workforce relationships, resulting in personalized outcomes and improved financial health.
Creating a thriving marketplace for organizations and local businesses to connect and embrace workforce efficiencies, furthering our member’s respective missions.

Dedicated to Elevating Third-Party Relationships

Your workforce extends beyond your four walls. With a trend in business to leverage more outsourced functions, enterprise success becomes increasingly reliant on third-party services.

At Conductiv, we believe that through agile and purposeful sourcing activity, our customers can improve the communities and missions they serve.

Having built our business around third-party service expertise, we take tremendous pride in providing meaningful results to our members. Accordingly, we hold ourselves accountable for providing reliable, proven solutions. We not only adapt to changes in the business environment – we seek them. We strive to break the confines of the status quo through continuous innovation.

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Our Heritage

Founded in 2004, Conductiv was created to help organizations negotiate contracts for regionally sourced services. Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of members identify and realize savings opportunities via sourcing services powered by purpose-built software dedicated optimizing third-party service agreements.

Conductiv powers supply chains by seamlessly integrating AI-driven analytics, marketplace insights, express contracting negotiation strategies, and proven category expertise. Sourcing automation enables members to engage with their own spend data, determine the competitiveness of their contracts, unite business stakeholders, and accelerate the speed of RFP and negotiation.

Today, our core mission remains focused on cultivating a philosophy of collective improvement via leading technology, cooperative contracting, and imparting 15+ years of sourcing expertise and best practices within our member organizations. With the platform and strategies to optimize their third-party service agreements, our members collectively strengthen their purchasing power in the market.

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