Medpricer is Now Conductiv

Over the past 15 years, our team has developed strategies and best practices to optimize service provider contracts. In recent years, our engineers have developed the only technology to operationalize and scale our industry knowledge.

We're thrilled to unveil our latest innovations that help supply chains optimize their third-party service agreements. To further accelerate the purchased services contracting process, we are launching the first-ever technology-backed group purchasing experience.

Our new brand, Conductiv, was created to support these exciting initiatives and expansion into new markets.

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Conductiv Transforms the Acquisition of Services

Conductiv serves as the intersection for purchasing data, marketplace intelligence, and strategic sourcing expertise. While our mission of increasing ROI and creating personalized outcomes for our customers remains the same, our vision to embrace workplace efficiencies is expanding.

Integrated Contract Lifecycle Management
Track and monitor communications, spend intelligence, market insights, and contract negotiations all in one platform.
Specialization in Third-Party Service Procurement
Get competitive pricing and contract terms on clinical and non-clinical services from local, regional, and national suppliers.
Confidence and Control Through Transparency
Illuminate savings opportunities and control supplier spend across all your facilities.
Sustainability and Scalability
With bespoke solutions tailored to your organization’s needs, Conductiv works to transfer our sourcing knowledge, helping supply chains build their in-house category expertise.
Helping businesses grow through thriving business relationships
Purchasing and procurement intelligence
Top-of-the-line expertise and express contracting through intuitive tech
Maximizing customers' ability to manage contracts and optimize savings

Your Mission Statement is at the Core of Ours

Our team remains committed to enabling our customer’s success – helping them to reach their goals with more speed and clarity than ever before. As our offerings are expanding to meet the needs of this ever-changing market, our commitments to you remain the same:

Enabling supply chains to grow through thriving partner relationships
Customer-centric product roadmap and development focuses on creating solutions for core issues that supply chains face regularly
Unwavering customer support and strategic sourcing expertise

What's in a Name?

Relationships are the core of our business. Conductiv proudly proclaims the transmission of ideas, the orchestration of third-party services, and the dynamic flow of business.

Our new moniker is inspired by conductivity: the measure of ease at which an electric charge can pass through a material. It's a conduit signaling change and is rooted in logic and science. And yet, to conduct business – much like conducting a symphony - brings forth a softer, more human connotation. It embodies skill, practice, timing, precision, focus, and harmony. It places emphasis on people working together to create something magical.

Modern business requires a unique blend of logic and art. Conductiv serves as the intersection between sophisticated, AI-powered technology and a culture of creating lasting, strategic business relationships.

Introducing Our New Brand

Aurora Borealis - the inspiration behind our new logo – is a rare, cosmic energy that is illuminating, fluid, and ever moving. It is a stunning visual that transforms the dark sky, constantly channeling the movement of energy. Much like Aurora Borealis, Conducitv serves as a directional compass for third-party service optimization; illuminating opportunities and moving your business strategy forward.

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