Spend transparency starts here.

Conductiv's spend analytics drive powerful, and actionable insights into your third-party optimization. Our technology utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve spend transparency, illuminate savings opportunities, and optimize purchased services outcomes while tracking successes along the way.

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    Analytics A3 Category Reports Spend Overview

NEW! Manage your categories with ease.

Introducing our re-imagined and re-engineered Category Analytics with an all new spend overview report and category deep-dives.

With AI-spend categorization, you can easily measure purchased services spend with facility, supplier, service line and category visualizations. Create detailed category reports to discover contract opportunities.

    Feature predictive plan

Identify your top ROI categories.

See your top 15 savings opportunities and get recommendations on how to optimize your ROI by category. With expert weigh-in on your sourcing, you can forecast your savings roadmap, monitor percent to goal progress, and track momentum with project automation.

Improve your contracts with increased visibility.

Cognitive insights will help you answer high-impact questions. With insights, you can filter contract expiration dates by spend threshold, vet unwanted recurring charges, and view contract alignment and consolidation opportunities.