Know Exactly How Your Service Levels Compare

Your contracts are unique, so evaluating them requires a tailored approach. Know if your sourcing initiatives are worth the ROI: get category insights, refine your savings targets with accuracy, and get justification to share with your value analysis teams.

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Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Get the Best Terms and Pricing
Precision Benchmark Reports on 65+ categories provides you with quantitative intelligence on how your contracts relate to market trends. Summarized findings provide you with a cost savings analysis and strategic recommendations to optimize price and service level terms from your supplier agreements.
Discover Hidden Risks and Opportunities
You can review text across all your contracts at once with AI Contract Text Analysis, giving you the freedom to review terms and conditions while avoiding time-consuming manual review. Use AI-driven analysis extract text data from your contracts database matches complex concepts across contracts. Perform Google-like queries across contracts to process an unlimited number of contracts at once using our user-friendly machine learning technology.
Market Overview Reports
Stay informed of the latest category trends. Access comprehensive research and category insights that help you understand regional factors, political and legal impacts, RFP best practices, and more. Identify industry trends, potential pitfalls and special considerations to strengthen your competitive negotiations.
Quick Price Check
Fast spend intelligence has never been easier. Submit your category RFPs and contracts for a quick price check to determine if you are getting a good deal on your services.

In our team’s experience strategically sourcing services for 15+ years, we wrote the playbook on which parametric factors to consider when analyzing and comparing service provider contracts. Read Best Practices for Benchmarking Purchased Services to learn more.

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