Know exactly how your service levels compare.

Your contracts are unique, so evaluating them requires a tailored approach. Conductiv's contract intelligence is key to revealing if your sourcing initiatives are worth the ROI: get insights through benchmark reporting or market intelligence, refine your savings targets with accuracy, and get justification to share with your value analysis teams.

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    Contract Intelligence

Intelligence at your fingertips.

Conductiv's Contract Intelligence gives clarity to the categories you care about so that you can stay focused on meeting your contracting goals. Whether diving into deep into a category with a Precision Benchmark, staying in front of market trends with a Market Overview Report, or quickly validating your terms or pricing, Conductiv helps you understand how you compare with your peers so that you can increase savings and improve your service level terms quickly.

Get the best terms and pricing
Unlock cost savings analysis and strategic recommendations to optimize price and service level terms from your supplier agreements.
Stay ahead of the latest category trends
Identify industry trends, potential pitfalls and special considerations to strengthen your competitive negotiations.
Access spend intelligence
Submit your category RFPs and contracts for a quick price check to determine if you are getting a good deal on your services or to get a detailed review of all the line items within your contract.
Boost your negotiation power
Get insight into suppliers that service your locations, identify new potential suppliers, leverage our pool of suppliers to get the best terms and pricing from your incumbent.
Identify the strength of your contract terms
Leverage Conductiv's 20+ years of third-party services expertise to ensure that you have the optimal contract language prior to execution.
Take the pressure off your internal analysts
Compare and analyze supplier pricing or terms you receive during an RFP so that your team of Analysts can stay focused on more important details.

In our team’s experience strategically sourcing services for 15+ years, we wrote the playbook on which parametric factors to consider when analyzing and comparing service provider contracts. Read Best Practices for Benchmarking Purchased Services to learn more.

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