Automate your strategic sourcing process.

Negotiating contracts takes time and resources to sift through emails, create spreadsheet comparisons, and to red-line contracts in an ongoing series of meetings. Conductiv's sourcing software provides you with much-needed transparency and facilitates gathering stakeholder consensus, utilizing RFP templates, and housing competitive bids and documents – all in one place.

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Build automation with sourcing software

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Build Consensus and Simplify Decision-Making with Sourcing Software
Get stakeholder buy-in and business justification to make more clear and well-informed contracting decisions.
Negotiate Contracts Quickly While Increasing Savings
Use the real-time, multi-round negotiation platform to track RFPs, competitive bids, compare terms, and optimize price.
Centralize Supplier Communication
Create a clear audit trail that houses all communications, approvals, and documents for suppliers across all of your locations.

Conductiv has proven itself to be a valuable tool in our RFP process. The ability to rapidly engage stakeholders, receive responses from bidders, and compare offerings has allowed us to tackle complex events with ease. The support from the team at Conductiv has also proved invaluable in keeping tasks on track and providing straightforward and valuable guidance to the participants on all sides of the RFP discussion.

Shaun Clinton, MS CMRP

Sr. Vice President, Supply Chain Management