Implants and medical devices are one of the top supply expense categories for every hospital. The procurement process for these items, often referred to as the “Bill Only process”, is antiquated, inefficient and paper-based at virtually every hospital.

In addition to the clutter and chaos of a paper-based process, several risks and issues arise during the Bill Only process. These include bills being submitted via paper with pricing errors, off-contract items, late submissions affecting patient billing, limited oversight of the items being billed, poor and inconsistent data capture, and strained hospital personnel with few safeguards to protect the hospital and patient’s interests. A successful health organization must rely on software that can create efficiencies while eliminating errors.

An automated Bill Only solution can enable a hospital to digitize, standardize and automate the entire Bill Only process. Rather than a hospital accepting paper charge sheets, sales reps submit their charge sheets electronically, which can then be routed through the hospital’s approval process. Taken a step further, approved charge sheets can be integrated with the hospital’s EHR and ERP systems to fully automate the process. PO #’s may even be routed to sales reps, which can reduce interactions between hospital staff and sales reps up to 95%.

Deploying a Bill Only solution empowers hospitals to eliminate paper Bill Only’s, refine the interactions between hospital staff and sales reps, and standardize workflows. Additionally, a Bill Only platform empowers hospital staff with full visibility and ownership of the Bill Only process and provides standardized information. This enables hospitals to make better and informed purchasing decisions with real actionable data, in real-time.

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