Capital gains from excess medical equipment gives hospitals and health systems the ability to apply more of their spend towards supporting their patients and providing top notch care. Extending the life of equipment that is no longer needed through auction services not only allows for the owner to redistribute those dollars towards bettering their care services, but also allows for the buyers to gain a better price while mitigating the environmental tolls of creating new equipment.

It is no secret that human causes have led to the environment suffering. In recent years, every industry has had to confront how their actions are contributing to climate degradation. Furthermore, when COVID-19 hit, healthcare was confronted with a massive and urgent crisis. They needed to cut costs while also maintaining their commitment to environmental standards.

Hospitals began to look at their spend and cut where they could; they assessed their purchased services, and discovered a $39 billion dollar nationwide healthcare area to save. Hospitals also found savings in buying certified pre-owned. In fact, one hospital reported savings of more than two million dollars. By buying pre-owned devices and equipment, hospitals are not only mitigating their environmental impact, but also creating huge amounts of savings for themselves and for the sellers of used equipment. This is truly a win-win cycle.

Like reducing waste by buying clothes second hand or purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, excess medical waste can be reduced by purchasing devices and equipment that has been pre-owned from auctions or medical centers that are closing. Through purchasing pre-owned equipment, hospitals can gain, on average, between 30-60% savings per item. This savings combined can make it possible for health systems to thrive despite the hardships of the global pandemic. As healthcare continues to try to reach savings goals while also upholding their commitments to environmental standards, purchasing certified pre-owned creates a simple and accessible route towards savings.

About Centurion Service Group

Centurion Service Group: A TRIMEDX Company is an industry-leading medical equipment life-cycle company, inclusive of asset disposition, direct equipment sales, and strategic equipment advisory. Healthcare facilities partner with Centurion to unlock and extend medical equipment value providing hassle-free, full-cycle, service-focused solutions. Centurion develops medical equipment liquidation strategies; to pick up, transport, warehouse, and sell surplus devices; and maximizes the value by converting surplus medical equipment into certified pre-owned equipment or essential services. Centurion conducts surplus medical equipment auctions and provides complete medical equipment management for healthcare facilities, including certified appraisals, trade-in value verification, asset and facility inventories, relocations, and closures. Centurion Service Group is your partner in the capital equipment process.”