Contract management solutions for your purchased services.

Enterprise business is becoming increasingly reliant on third-party services. However, hundreds of service providers spread across multiple facilities can seem daunting to track. Conductiv's contract management solutions allow supply chains to seamlessly orchestrate their contracting lifecycle and better manage their purchased services procurement processes.

Configurable spend-management software, precision benchmark reports, and managed services empower your organization to optimize the value of your supplier relationships. Our solutions can help manage everything from daily tasks, like renewing contracts and building stakeholder consensus, to reaching long-term goals, such as hitting savings targets and mandating on-contract compliance.

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Set Achievable Goals for Purchased Services Spend

In order to set achievable savings targets for purchased services, businesses need to have visibility into their spending and identify critical categories that will give them the highest ROI. From understanding market trends, to identifying the normal cadence of your project lifecycle, the more knowledge you have, the more you can understand how to take full advantage of your opportunities for savings.

Unlock Efficiencies

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Accelerate Speed of Business with Instant Contracts and Portfolio Management

At the speed that modern-day businesses operate, quick contracting is a necessity in organizations of every size. However, speed of business should not come at the expense of quality, especially as businesses continue to look for areas to increase savings.

Accelerate Your Business

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Optimize Spend Across all Contracts and Improve ROI

As businesses face increasing pressure to decrease spend, supply chain departments are facing higher goals than ever before. In order to optimize spend across your third-party service providers, it’s important to first have an understanding of what your spend is per category, and to identify your largest area of spend so that you can build a plan for achieving savings.

Achieve Savings Goals with Ease

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Co-Source Business Processes to a Team of Dedicated Experts

As more businesses turn to third-party services, there is a growing need for experts to step in to manage these services, or to train teams to better manage their contracts. Teams that do not have the expertise, staff, or time to manage their supply chain themselves are looking to rely on experts to optimize processes and negotiate contracts in order to increase savings.

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