Source contracts up to 40% faster.

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Today's organizations have become increasingly reliant on third-party services. With supply chain team's under-staffed and overwhelmed, and expectations for savings growing, sourcing teams must look for opportunities to streamline their sourcing process to deliver improved contract terms with cost savings more efficiently.

Conductiv's solutions are tailored to help organizations accelerate their sourcing output, while improving the service level terms on their contracts. While each third-party service is complex, our team of experts, our one-of-a-kind live bid sourcing technology, and our ready-made, optimized GPO contracts allow teams to source more, faster.

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Decrease time to savings while improving service level terms.

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Live-bid Negotiations
Negotiate contracts in just hours, rather than months, to improve terms and decrease costs.

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Extend Your Reach
With Conductiv Services, our team of experts act as an extension of your team to help you reach your goals.

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Leverage Ready-made Contracts
Select from our catalogue of peer-vetted, pre-negotiated contracts and increase your shareback revenue.

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Negotiate faster, better contracts.

Conductiv's solutions allow businesses to increase their output and improve their outcomes.

  • Reduce RFP timelines and increase your RFP output
  • Negotitate contracts quickly and with a clear audit trail
  • Gain manpower with Conductiv's subject matter experts
  • Unlock pre-optimized contracts
  • Bring local and incumbent suppliers onto a GPO contract to increase shareback

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