Setting achievable goals for purchased services spend.

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While enterprise businesses become increasingly reliant on third-party services, supply chain teams are being asked to decrease their purchased services spend. With tight budgets and looming expectations, it's more important than ever before that supply chain team's learn to set achievable, yet significant goals when it comes to their purchased services spend.

Our solutions can help you build out a plan, and track your progress throughout projects towards reaching long-terms goals and hitting savings targets. By using our solutions, customers have achieved 24% savings on average, and source categories 40% faster than traditional, manual processes.

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Achieve proven outcomes through accurate goal setting.

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Identify Spend
Utilize our spend overview, to visualize your overall spend and identify critical categories that will give you the most ROI.

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Build a Roadmap
Use category specific insights and AI-driven predictions to develop a step-by-step plan for setting savings targets based on your contracting needs.

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Track Success
Stay on-track to achieve your goals with a clear snapshot into your identified savings, current pipeline, and completed and projected savings.

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Set savings goals with ease.

Gaining insight into your overall spend is imperative to setting category specific, achievable savings targets.

  • Manage expectations of internal stakeholders
  • Obtain spend transparency
  • Leverage database based on over $145 Billion of analyzed spend
  • Identify opportunities to unlock operational efficiencies
  • Track savings targets and progress to goals

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