Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategies Designed to Connect Supply Chain Professionals with Diverse Suppliers

Research demonstrates that supplier diversity initiatives can result in a 133% return on investment for organizations. Yet Conductiv’s database shows that healthcare providers spend an average of only 1.35% of their total indirect spend with diverse suppliers. That’s why we created Lumen.

Lumen, Conductiv’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.) initiative, aims to help organizations bridge the gap and build sustainable diversity programs. ​

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Achieve proven results​​

With Lumen you can:​

  • Create a stronger supplier workforce by building community relationships that benefit your local economy.​
  • Get tech-enabled diversity spend transparency and identify opportunities to bring diverse-certified suppliers onto contract. ​
  • Satisfy regulatory and corporate social responsibility requirements. ​
  • Define and implement a standardized diverse, equitable and inclusive supplier sourcing strategy. ​​

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Educate your team on the importance of diversity.​​

In order for Supply Chain Teams to fully take on supplier diversity, they must be empowered to educate their own stakeholders on the importance of implementing a D.E.I. initiative.​

Conductiv’s solution places education at the front and center, so that you can align stakeholders. Before you take on the ‘how’, you first must understand the ‘why’ and have the expert support on how to communicate the importance and gain buy-in.​

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Track your progress to success through analytics.​​

The complicated process and manual tracking efforts that Supply Chain experts deal with on an every day basis prevent them from building sustainable diversity programs.​​

Conductiv's solution utilizes advanced analytics to enable organizations to track their progress, and identify opportunities to adjust their contracting strategy to meet their diversity goals and initiatives. ​

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Connect with diverse suppliers who meet your needs.​

Once your team has identified goals and begun to track your progress to goals, finding opportunities to work with local, diverse, and underserved suppliers is paramount.​​

Conductiv partners with your team to ensure that you have access to a pool of D.E.I. suppliers who meet your organization’s criteria. ​

Building a path for successful diversity strategies​

Creating awareness, educating buyers, outreach to diverse suppliers, and inspiring action​Measuring and reporting on key performance indicators​
Finding and measuring your diversity spend impact​Building an inclusive network of diverse and local suppliers​
Defining and implementing a strategic diversity program​Illuminating opportunities to shift spend to qualified, diverse supplier agreements​

Are you a diverse supplier?​

Conductiv is creating a platform to connect diverse suppliers with buyers. With Supplier Diversity Analytics, our members are able to track how your diversity status can help them work towards a more diverse supplier base.​

Schedule time to connect with our Supplier Success Team today to learn more or join our network today!​

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