Identify and optimize your third-party services spend.

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Organization's today rely upon third-party services to more than ever before. Yet supply chain team's have a major disadvantage when it comes to managing spend and optimizing contracts in that they often don't have a clear picture into their spend data, nor do they have the man-power or resources they need to address purchased services.

Conductiv's tailored solutions help businesses to gain visibility into spend, and leverage over $566 Billion of data in order to help supply chain teams identify opportunities for savings. Our solution does not just show you specific categories, but rather gives intelligent insights across all categories so that you can build an actionable savings strategy.

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Forward-thinking, time-based data intelligence.

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Timely Intelligence
Unlock deeper insights from your data with our AI-driven intelligence that allows you to proactively manage savings opportunities.

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Dive Deep
Dig into specific categories with category analytics that allow you identify areas that need to be addressed.

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Validate Decisions
Leverage our market and category intelligence to ensure that your contracts are competitive.

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Enhance your contract terms while increasing savings.

In order for organization's to truly optimize their contracts, it is key that they have a clear picture of their spend, and then blend technology and category expertise to help them negotiate stronger terms.

  • Obtain spend transparency
  • Identify opportunities for savings with key insights
  • Leverage data based on over $566 Billion of analyzed spend
  • Dive deep into category specific opportunities
  • Rely on expert category and market intelligence to benchmark categories

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