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We help businesses create a thriving external workforce by connecting them with suppliers and service providers that provide unparalleled value. Businesses seek services from reputable, industry-leading suppliers via Conductiv, which gives suppliers more opportunities to connect with a wide range of prospective businesses.

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Create a profile to showcase your services, expertise, and value proposition that is accessible to our Conductiv Platform subscribers. Businesses can find your services and any of your socially responsible designations (such as minority or women-owned statuses) will be visible.

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Together, we are transforming archaic tactics into intelligent and strategic sourcing solutions enabled by industry-leading technology. Partner with Conductiv to strengthen your position in the market.

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Work with our strategic sourcing team to get your services on-contract with our membership base, giving your organization more artillery to win business within your market.

Creating Business Opportunities for All

With our community first approach to third-party service optimization, we place an emphasis on giving our members equal access to national and regional suppliers. We've learned a lot in our 15+ years spent having sourced hundreds of categories and helping our customers award billions of dollars in contract spend. We know that regionality and regulatory factors play an important role in the procurement of sources and, unlike a one-time equipment purchases, we understand that building strong clients relationships is critical to your retention rates and long-term success.

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View the bid calendar to see which categories we are openly sourcing.

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Create a profile complete with your service offerings to get noticed by organizations seeking your services. Respond to RFPs and negotiate terms in real-time to start winning more business - faster.

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Conductiv is blazing the trail for group purchasing innovation, and are focused on creating strategic value for its members and suppliers alike.

Tom Flynn

VP of Marketing at SpendMend