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Increase your purchasing power and take control of your contracts.

Conductiv Contracts is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that was created to help buyers with common purchasing objectives to join our inclusive network. Access our GPO contracts portfolio to find and implement competitive contracts with ease.​

Conductiv’s bespoke contracting solution is backed by powerful, AI-driven technology that delivers a user interface for purchasing professionals that both simplifies and elevates the GPO experience​.

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Leverage our free contracting solution to accelerate your sourcing, optimize your contracts, and increase your savings and shareback revenue. ​

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Expand and your network and get your contracts in front of the largest healthcare organizations in the country through Conductiv Contracts.​

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Intelligent recommendations​

With our technology, members can automatically cross-reference their AP spend with eligible contracts in our portfolio – reducing the number of steps required to shift spend on-contract. We provide programs to help accelerate your contracting and agreement activations, ultimately increasing your savings and getting you shareback faster.

Expanding the realm of possibilities

Leverage our contracts portfolio and extensive supplier network to elevate your negotiation experience. Achieve better outcomes with our multi-pronged approach to securing the best service contracts in the market:

Express Contracting
​ Browse our catalog of committee-vetted and approved service agreements with national service providers. Simply complete a statement of work to get started.
Locally Initiated Contracting
Our team of sourcing experts can competitively negotiate terms with regional suppliers, broadening your on-contract spend opportunities and tailoring terms to your exact needs.
Incumbent Contracting
Let us do the heavy lifting on negotiations with incumbent contracts to shift them on to GPO contract, allowing you to access more savings and shareback.

With Conductiv Contracts you can:

Streamline your contract activation process.

Take advantage of AI-powered recommendations.

    Increase Shareback
Expand your network reach.

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Track diversity measurements and indicators.

Unlock solutions for your organization's needs.

Conductiv Contracts is just one element in the comprehensive lifecycle management that Conductiv offers. With Conductiv, you can manage daily tasks, like renewing contracts and building stakeholder consensus, and reach long-term goals, such as hitting savings targets and adhering to on-contract compliance.

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