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Redefine your contract processes with Contract Explorer, Conductiv's AI contract analysis platform. Try it out: Upload, gain summaries, and explore insights on your first 25 files for free!

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Built with the purpose of empowering Supply Chain Professionals, Contract Explorer offers a revolutionary approach to contract analysis, search, summarization, and strategic evaluation.

Designed to simplify purchased services contract management. Transform lengthy legal documents into concise, easy-to-understand summaries, all checked for quality by our team of sourcing experts.

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Automated Insights = Informed Decision-Making

Imagine having the power to analyze, search, summarize, and strategically evaluate your purchased services contracts—all in one place. With Contract Explorer, you can easily turn your contracts into valuable assets, extracting key contract terms and insights and automatically creating statement of work summaries for faster and informed decision-making.

Bid Farewell to Manual Hassles and Improve Turnaround Times

Our solution makes manual contract review a thing of the past. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and welcome automation as your ally. Contract Explorer speeds up the contract review process through searchable queries, saving your team precious hours and eliminating burdensome work.

Automate Insights Extraction

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your contract scope without the need for manual review. Contract Explorer provides a clear view of the entire contracting story, specifically tailored for healthcare supply chain professionals.

Easy to Use – No Hassle, Just Results.

 Today's contract management systems often fall short of meeting the needs of those who live with the contracts daily. That's why we created Conductiv Contract Explorer to work as a complement to your existing systems. It's easy to use – no upfront indexing, data entry, configuration, or categorization required. Simply drag & drop your agreement file, and let us take care of the rest.

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