Proactively manage your supplier relationships

Businesses engage in tens of hundreds of contracts with third-party service suppliers and manage thousands of supplier relationships. Tracking the performance of your suppliers on key performance indicators is paramount to seeing better outcomes, based on your organization's unique needs, and protecting your business from regulatory risk. Our technology enables you to select and track critical indicators for each of your suppliers, so that you can ensure you're getting the highest quality of services.

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Build transparency with your service providers

Whether you're building KPIs into your contracts, or evaluating suppliers on new measurements that your organization has deemed critical, giving suppliers visibility into the way you are measuring them is key.​

With Supplier Performance Management, you'll be able to ensure that your suppliers know what factors are important to you - so you can both prioritize the things that matter. By increasing transparency, you can improve conversation between you and your business partners, while allowing your suppliers to understand what factors will increase your satisfaction.

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Automate your KPI reporting

Conductiv's solution allows you to select key reporters that will be automatically prompted to measure what's important to you. Rather than manually tracking your KPIs and following up with suppliers to understand how they are performing, Conductiv's smart-technology makes it easy for you to set and track your key performance indicators by:

  • Selecting KPIs
  • Entering a detailed description of your target metric
  • Notifying suppliers on what KPIs they will be measured on
  • Give the supplier the ability to self-report on their KPIs
  • Enable automatic reminders for suppliers to submit their performance

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Create an audit trail for your compliance team

According to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) performance measures are essential to the credibility of any health care organization and are required of an accredited or certified organization. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) also requires that services which are critical to patient care be tracked by healthcare systems.

Supplier Performance Management fulfills the requirements of JCAHO and CMS audits, by helping you to document your relationships with your service providers on an ongoing basis. By proactively developing this audit trail, you can save you company thousands of dollars and the hassle of needing to employ costly consultants later on.

Get recommendations on KPIs

Understanding what KPIs may be important for a given category can be confusing when you manage hundreds of service categories. That's why Conductiv offers intelligent recommendations on which KPIs you should consider for certain categories. Identifying your measurement criteria is key to ensuring that you're achieving the results you want.