Events and conferences have become more than just networking opportunities. They have evolved into powerful platforms that foster community building, knowledge sharing, and inclusivity. Among the many aspects that contribute to a successful event, the emphasis on supplier diversity plays a vital role. Let's explore how Breakthroughs23, a Premier, Inc. conference experience, created space to celebrate supplier diversity and provided valuable opportunities for discussion and connection.

  1. Gamification: Engaging Education. Participating in a fun and exciting game of Jeopardy at Premier's conference is a unique way to test one's knowledge about Supplier Diversity. This interactive session not only educates attendees about best practices associated with world-class programs but also emphasizes the economic value of doing business with small and diverse suppliers. By gamifying the learning experience, the experience encourages active engagement and ensures that participants have a memorable and enjoyable time while understanding the significance of supplier diversity.
  1. Social Networking Reception: An Exclusive Networking Opportunity. The Supplier Diversity reception at Breakthroughs23 is an invitation-only event that showcases a commitment to fostering inclusivity and creating opportunities for diverse suppliers. This highly anticipated reception brings together the executive team, Premier Committee members, and attendees who share a common goal of promoting supplier diversity. By providing an exclusive space for networking and collaboration, the reception offers a platform to connect, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful partnerships.
  1. Community Empowerment: Driving Economic Value. By actively supporting supplier diversity, Premier's conference creates economic value not only for the organizations involved but also for the communities they serve. By sourcing from small and diverse suppliers, hospitals and healthcare facilities can contribute to local economic growth, empower marginalized communities, and foster a sense of belonging. This focus on community empowerment aligns with the broader societal goals of fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  1. Education and Connection: Inclusive Learning Opportunities. At Breakthroughs23, attendees had the privilege of engaging in a thought-provoking speaking engagement led by Joe Machicote, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Premier. This session featured an inspiring guest speaker, Dr. Airica Steed, President and CEO of MetroHealth System, who shared her personal and professional journey, emphasizing the significance of Turning Pain Into Purpose: Lifting Up the Health and Wealth of Communities. Dr. Steed's insightful discussion shed light on the crucial role of providing healthcare support to communities as an integral part of patient care. By sharing practical insights and actionable steps, this conversation empowered attendees to translate ideas and topics into tangible actions, leaving them inspired and equipped to make a positive impact in their own communities.

Building a strong community and embracing supplier diversity are essential elements of successful events and conferences. Breakthroughs23 demonstrates a commitment to creating a space that celebrates supplier diversity and fosters meaningful connections. Through engaging activities like hosting discussions and diversity receptions, Premier highlights the significance of supplier diversity in driving economic value and empowering the communities served by healthcare organizations. As events continue to evolve, it is crucial for organizers to prioritize building inclusive communities that promote supplier diversity, thereby enriching the overall experience for all attendees.

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