January 11, 2021 — Walnut Creek, CA — Yankee Alliance, a member-driven healthcare group purchasing organization, and Conductiv™, the leading third-party spend optimization solutions provider, have partnered to bring a first-of-its-kind regional Purchased Services Readiness Program to each of its members. Yankee Alliance will access Conductiv’s analytics software, contract intelligence products, and local group purchasing expertise to achieve savings at scale.

The program is designed to meet each member where they are in terms of their purchased services sourcing management lifecycle. Conductiv’s sourcing experts will evaluate individual members’ needs and develop a tailored Purchased Services Program complete with an actionable sourcing roadmap. By implementing a strong program governance structure, Yankee Alliance is positioned to collect more uniform data to address gaps and deliver savings at a greater scale.

“Our focus is on reducing expenses and building financial wellbeing across our member-base, and purchased services is a critical component to that strategy,” said Amy Campbell, Chief Administrative Officer at Yankee Alliance. “This partnership positions us to provide members with hyper-personalized savings roadmaps customized to their own sourcing journeys.”

Yankee Alliance will utilize Conductiv Analytics and Contract Intelligence reports to target categories for savings opportunities and/or contract terms improvement across its network. Benchmark reports will reveal regional spend patterns and enable Yankee Alliance to further expand its focus on non-healthcare third-party service suppliers. By harnessing Conductiv’s AI-powered data and category expertise, Yankee Alliance advisors can guide members on ways to better optimize purchased services outcomes and evaluate categories with the greatest ROI potential.

Conductiv Contracts, a secondary GPO focused on local and regional purchased services agreements, will also curate a portfolio to increase contract coverage to diverse, local and regional suppliers to meet Yankee Alliance savings goals. This arrangement further supports Yankee Alliance members with full access to Conductiv’s sourcing expertise to negotiate locally initiated contracts.

Using this intelligence, Yankee Alliance is assembling a CFO steering committee, which will become executive sponsors of their respective organizations and provide peer-reviewed guidance to further strengthen the alliance.

“With nearly two decades of purchased services expertise, Conductiv has developed a strategy that makes sourcing services easier for all industries, starting with healthcare. Yankee Alliance shares our vision to build up regional purchased services GPOs,” said Conductiv CEO Chris Gormley. “Through our readiness program, actionable analytics and an industry-leading account membership group, together, we’ll ensure Yankee Alliance members are set up for success.”

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About Conductiv

ConductivTM empowers supply chains to optimize their third-party services. As the only end-to-end third-party lifecycle improvement company, ConductivTM shares its strategic sourcing expertise and category best practices with multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, government, real estate, transportation and education. The company has led more than 700 bids for more than 120 organizations, exceeding $4 billion in contracted value. Member projects have generated $800 million of documented savings or an average savings value of 24% to date. To learn how supply chains are transforming their savings strategy, visit Conductiv.com.

About Yankee Alliance
Yankee Alliance is a member-driven healthcare group purchasing organization founded in 1984 on a belief in collaboration, that working together can achieve more than working alone. Our mission is twofold: to work with members to reduce supply and operating expenses through aggregation of data, purchasing, ideas and knowledge and to excel in strategic innovations that continually assist members in reducing their cost while recognizing their individual needs. Today, Yankee Alliance remains true to the foundational belief in collaboration and has grown to over 18,000 members in all classes of trades across all 50 states. For more information visit WWW.YANKEEALLIANCE.COM.

For more information please contact; Amy Campbell, Chief Administrative Officer, Yankee Alliance, (978) 470-2000 or at ACAMPBELL@YANKEEALLIANCE.COM.