Walnut Creek, December 14th, 2023 – Conductiv, a leader in third-party purchased services optimization solutions, announces enhancements to its Analytics Spend Overview technology aimed at elevating the landscape of decision-making capabilities for healthcare providers.

The latest updates have been thoughtfully designed to empower users with enhanced features aimed at streamlining navigation, providing precise decision-making data accessibility and expanding spending category visibility. Conductiv users can now delve into a comprehensive range of spending categories, including non-purchased services, a substantial advancement from the previous limitation of displaying only the top 40 categories.

"With these upgrades, we're turbocharging the analytics experience, focusing on aligning with our users' decision-making needs," expressed Mandy Bolognia, Director of Product Engagement and Implementation at Conductiv.

Key features of the enhancement include a focus on strategic data display, offering insights based on specific areas of interest such as Categories, Suppliers, Facilities, GL Codes or Cost Centers. Additionally, users can explore diverse supplier classifications, reporting levels and leverage a versatile table format for ad hoc analytics, enabling tailored data manipulation and analysis.

To unveil these updates, Conductiv invites users and interested parties to join a Live Connect session. Led by Mandy Bolognia and Whitney Karl, Director of Data Services, the session will explore the advancements, including enhanced navigation alignment, comprehensive category display, customized decision-focused approaches, advanced reporting capabilities and enhanced data filtering.

"This interactive session aims to demonstrate how these advancements in Analytics - Spend Overview will transform decision-making processes for our users," stated Whitney Karl.

The Live Connect session promises to provide invaluable insights into leveraging these enhancements to revolutionize decision-making processes. Be at the forefront of cutting-edge analytics by registering today.

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