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Facing 30% Price Hike, Medical Center Saves 10% with New Contract


Encountering quality concerns with their laundry and linen supplier, the supply chain at Yuma Regional Medical Center was shocked to be facing a 30% price hike. A contract intelligence benchmark through the Conductiv Platform discovered 9% savings potential on the category. Conductiv Services were then tapped to evaluate suppliers and negotiate a new contract.

Partnering with Conductiv

Analyzing category benchmarks leading to a refined savings target
Identifying certified linen service suppliers
Accelerating RFP collection to 3 weeks
Competitively negotiating and managing real-time bids with five suppliers via the Conductiv Platform in a 2-hour online event
Completing a bids analysis and award recommendation

Achievements reached in 90 days

Negotiations revealed cost savings on the price per pound of linen services as well as improved contract terms:

10% cost savings
A TRSA-certified linen services supplier
Improved KPIs that ensures deliveries are made on time and that orders are complete when received.
Improved terms and conditions on service quality

The negotiation process encouraged open communication, enabling us to seamlessly connect suppliers and to our stakeholders,” said Sean Hazlett, Director of Supply Chain Services of Yuma Regional Medical Center. “Our team was thrilled to access both cost savings and improved service terms with our new supplier. From start-to-finish, over two and half months, [Conductiv] worked with us every step of the way to help us access the best supplier for our needs.

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