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A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative for Purchased-Services Professionals

A Conductiv and Premier, Inc. partnership.

Lumen is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative providing members with education, analytics, and access to qualified, local, and diverse suppliers of purchased services.

The Lumen Newsletter explores pertinent supplier diversity topics in depth, showcases diverse-owned suppliers, and provides access to relevant and current articles with each issue.

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Trending Topics

Building Community and Embracing Supplier Diversity at Live Industry Events

Events and conferences have become more than just networking opportunities. They have evolved into powerful platforms that foster community building, knowledge sharing, and inclusivity. Read more.

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May 2023

The Power of a Collective Purpose: Uniting on Supplier Diversity

For more than 50 years, the case for broader vendor inclusion has evolved from a social responsibility construct to a strategic business imperative.

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March 2023

Advancing the Supply Chain with a Supplier Diversity Program

Healthcare organizations today are diversifying their supplier base and supporting underrepresented communities while also gaining a competitive advantage.

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February 2023

2022 Healthcare Diversity Spend Report

The Conductiv Annual Healthcare Diversity Spend Report examines diverse-spending trends by analyzing Conductiv's proprietary database of buyer and supplier spend data and exposing diverse spending patterns.

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January 2023

Why Economic Downturns Compel Businesses to do more with Diverse Suppliers

Economic downturns can provide an opportunity for businesses to diversify their supplier base and support underrepresented communities while also gaining a competitive advantage.

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Reflecting on a Year of Progress

We pause to reflect on the year and share gratitude for our readers continued efforts and support in making supplier diversity a top priority.


    Lumen November22


Exploring the Impacts and Values of Improving Supplier Diversity

Procure Pulse podcast host Mickey Meehan, Group Vice President of Conductiv, is joined by Ken Stinson, Conductiv's Senior Director of Supplier Success, for an episode exploring the values and outcomes of improving supplier diversity.

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Why Supplier Diversity Should Be Top of the To-do List Post-Pandemic

This video explores the urgency to focus on and stay committed to supplier diversity post-pandemic.

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    Lumen september22 newsletter


Six Strategies for Thoughtful, Proactive, and Comprehensive Sourcing Practices

Join Deborah Williams, Sr. Director of Supplier Diversity at Premier, Inc., and Ken Stinson, Sr. Director of Supplier Relationships at Conductiv, at AHRMM where they demonstrate strategies to improve outcomes with Supplier Diversity.

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The Multiplier Effect: How Supplier Diversity Pays

At Conductiv, customers often ask us how the benefits from a Supplier Diversity initiative can be measured. While we know the ROI is substantial, it is very difficult to quantify. This article from Forbes makes the case for measuring outcomes.

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JULY 2022

How Supply Chains Can Improve Outcomes & Support Local Economies with Supplier Diversity

Conductiv's Nancy Daniels speaks with panelists Benn Sledge, Texas Health Resources, and Valencia Stoudamire, Henry Ford Health System, as they discuss challenges, strategies, and evaluation practices for diversity programs.

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JUNE 2022

(Re)defining Purchased Services

Join Nancy Daniels and Deborah Williams as they dig into various service lines and give tips on how to uncover opportunities within Purchased Services.

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    Lumen may22 newsletter

MAY 2022

Nurturing Diverse Suppliers into Strategic Supplier Partners

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that you never know when a new emergency situation will occur. That's why it is so important to have strategic partners that are dependable, reliable, and supportive.

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APRIL 2022

Diverse Supplier Certification 101

There are significant benefits and considerations for diverse and small business enterprises to become agency-certified.

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MARCH 2022

Competitive Advantages of Supplier Diversity Reporting (Tier I & Tier II)

Understanding business relationships with diverse and small business supports equitable, fair-opportunity, economic growth.

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